Moose Riders 3rd. Annual State Ride

State Moose Riders Rally Curwensville Lodge August 2011
Arrival At Curwensville Curwensville Moose Tammy Letting Her Hair Down Bikes Joe & Don The Blue Goose
Vendors Greenville Moose Riders Matt Finding Time for His Fans Cleaning the Show Bike Tammy, The Proud Owner Second Place In Show
Curwensville Moose Pre-Ride Photo Blessing of the Bikes Osceola Mills Osceola Mills Moose Mike & Kim at the Osceola Mills Moose
Tammy Matt & Don Having A Cool One Osceola Mills Moose Moose Riders Enjoying the Day Madera Moose Madera Moose
Greenville Moose Rider Greenville 276 Girls Best Road Captian Matt Awaiting the Games Matt in the Keg Roll Matt Almost the Winner
Matt Slow Ride Artist Slow Ride Matt Slow Ride Champion Great Ride Matt Tammy's Good Technique Tammy Beat by a Guy
Mike Doing Something Trophies The Proud  Winners Oldest Bike Charlie Oldest Bike Winner Budweiser Girls
Joe & Don Mike Kim Pre-Ride Warm-up Bikes Bikes
Bikes Nicest Chopper Doc's Woman